IMG Marine Captains and Crew Insurance

At Sea? We've got you covered!

As you prepare for a day's work on board the vessel, the crisp smell of the sea fills the air. The sun rises and peers through the wispy clouds that line the sky. Your nomadic lifestyle is hectic and rewarding, and you're trained and equipped to handle emergencies that may occur in international waters. But it's equally important to be prepared for anything that may affect your health as well.

As a professional marine crew member, you know that finding adequate medical coverage can be a challenge. The unique demands of your profession often can prevent you from getting the inclusive international health care plan you need and deserve. Because of this, IMG offers comprehensive and portable plans designed specifically for professional marine crew. The plans provide coverage 24 hours a day, and you have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital for treatment.

IMG has 3 Marine Captains and Crew Insurance Plans:

Global Crew Medical Insurance Individual, comprehensive and portable international medical insurance designed specifically for professional marine crew.
International Marine Medical Insurance Group coverage designed specifically to provide comprehensive medical insurance to marine crew by offering continuous coverage worldwide.
CrewSelect International Long-term coverage designed specifically for individual and group marine crew members. Two plan options are available with an assortment of benefits. Both options allow you to pre-designate one of three currencies for payment of premium and receipt of benefits.